About Us

We believe in providing High Quality Tactical Solutions
Founder & CEO

A dynamic personality, a risk taker, an innovator and thinker, Devangana comes with a rich IT experience.

5+ years of college experience and 10+ years of IT experience from top multinationals gives Devangana an edge to understand the freshers in a much better way.

She is an awesome writer who has been showered with “Quora top writer – 2018” award.

She loves animals and works for their welfare.

A born leader, dynamic and fearless, we at IntelUniVen call her the “Fearless Bengal Tigress!”

IntelUniVen – How did we reach to this name and what it means?

IntelUniVen is actually a combination of 3 words – Intelligent Universal Ventures.

We want to venture with clients all over the universe to develop intelligent solutions and hence the name.

There’s more to the name…

(I) in Intel represents I or me

(U) in universe represents you

(V) in ventures represents We

so it’s all about I(I), you(U) and we(V)

I am because YOU are. YOU are because WE are – Ubuntu

Innovative Solutions

We are state of the art IT service providers bringing NEXTGEN IT solutions.

Quality Unsurpassed

Our team of testing experts ensure best quality product and service delivery.

We Are The Creators You Can Trust On For A Perfect Solution To All Your Needs.

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