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Full stack web developers

The full stack web development course is a one of its kind unique course designed taking into consideration current industry demand.

It offers not just technology but also soft skills, communication skills, time and effort management, planning and execution strategies.

It uses a blended learning approach focusing not just on theory but more on practical, which includes lesson end evaluated assignments.

Not just this, you get to be a part of 2 sprint executions in a real-time environment.

Our assessment framework will ensure 100% all-round development confirmation.

In addition to technology and soft-skills you will also learn and implement Agile methodologies, scrum and business analysis.

On successful completion of the training program, you will work on our in-house product development as a full stack web developer.

End result – Needless to say you open for yourself 4 pathways in the software industry – Full stack web developer, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

To enroll or address further queries please write to – [email protected]

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Microsoft Dynamics consultants

We have immediate requirement to train 30 Microsoft Dynamics consultants

Selection Procedure – Personal Interview

Selected candidates will be immediately given a LOI(Letter of Intent) from a leading software industry.

Upon successful completion of the training program the candidate will be interviewed by SMEs from this company and would be offered job on the spot if found suitable.

Selected candidates will start working immediately.

Those who will not be able to clear the interview will be given recap training and further chance to improve.

To schedule an interview or address further queries please write to – [email protected]

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Campus to Corporate

We researched 8 leading IT giants to compare and analyze fresher training program in each organizations.

To bridge the gap and create a win-win situation for both – companies and students we have devised a unique training plan for students of second and third year.

Benefits for students –

  • Aptitude, English communication and soft skills preparation for clearing interviews.
  • Technology basics – programming languages, databases, ERPs, testing.
  • Niche skills – AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Cloud, IoT, BI.
  • Webinars by industry experts.
  • Smooth entry and experience in their first job.

Benefits for colleges –

  • Increased placements

Benefits for recruiting companies –

  • Ready workforce.
  • Get candidates with good communication skills.
  • Get candidates with good programming foundation.
  • Get candidates with good soft skills.
  • Get candidates who know time management, importance of on time or before time project delivery, quick and self learners, quick adapters to changes, agile players.

To enroll or address further queries please write to – [email protected]

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Agile players / Scrum Masters / Business Analysts

We have experts to train and help you become certified Scrum masters and Business Analyst.

Our best in class training curriculum will help you fit in your role quickly.

To enroll or address further queries please write to – [email protected]

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