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Our first in-house product which is an attempt to make two ends meet.

The amalgamation of artisans with customers cutting between the large supply chain, increasing profit margins for artisans and reducing product costs for the customers.

Our Innovations

School App

A cloud based app for schools which helps –

connecting teachers with parents

Sharing of results/ fee details/ notices

Online parents-teachers meeting

Realtime tracking of school bus by the parents

Online attendance

Online study material – video, text, audio based

Online Exams

Bike and car servicing

Online app to track bike and car servicing

online booking of slots as per your convenient date and time

Real time view while your bike/car is serviced, from the comfort of your home

Online app for improving spoken English

An online app to learn English in a fun way.

Pre-test to categorize users at –

Elementary level

Intermediate level

Expert level

Depending on the proficiency of the user, the app suggests further training

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